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The best claimed Italian Authentic Cuisine in Victoria..
Step into Italy of Melbourne and let La Contadina Restaurant serve you with authentic recipes from the provinces of Italy.

Be part of what Italian's consider "the small pleasures of life" a good meal accompanied by good
wine or cup of coffee and a chat with friends, around the table in a home-style rustic restaurant. Be fascinated by the marked differences in cuisine from the north and south of Italy affiliated with such
an illustrious history.

La Contadina takes you on a journey and invites you to experience the authenticity in cooking from around Italy. La Contadina’s secret is a simple, uncomplicated way of cooking that uses only the finest ingredients providing you with the best quality and product in the Italian tradition.

From his father’s renowned cooking school in Tuscany, Giovanni Mico has gathered a menu with superb authentic recipes that draw upon this tradition of purity and simplicity with its finest ingredients and fragrant herbs. These are the dishes lovingly prepared in homes and small trattorias throughout Italy.




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